Home Care - Case Study

How a pilot project evolved to become a 15 years collaboration, the longest in Bissoft.


Our solutions ensure full compliance with the EVV Mandate in the 21st Century Cures Act, available either as a standalone offering or as part of a comprehensive Home Care Agency Management solution. We cater to Adult Day Care Facilities by facilitating attendance management, billing, payroll processing, and activity tracking. Additionally, we provide tailored solutions for Home Health Therapy Practitioners, Geriatric Care Managers (GCMs), and Case Managers, encompassing custom forms, scheduling, visit tracking, billing, and payroll functionalities. Our platform also supports Population Health Management initiatives.

Key Features:

  • Client and Caregiver Management: Streamline client and caregiver administration alongside HR tasks.
  • Simple Scheduling: Easily manage scheduling tasks for efficient workflow management.
  • GPS Mobile App: Access our mobile application even in offline environments, ensuring continuous functionality.
  • Telephony (IVR): Facilitate telephony integration for seamless communication.
  • FOBs (affixed in the home): Utilize FOBs for enhanced security and access control.
  • EVV Compliance: Adhere to the EVV requirements outlined in the 21st Century Cures Act with our clock-in/clock-out functionality.
  • Billing and Payroll: Simplify billing and payroll processes for increased efficiency.
  • Caregiver Retention: Offer user-friendly applications to minimize paperwork and ensure caregiver satisfaction.
  • Biometric Authentication: Enable secure sign-in using fingerprint or face recognition technologies.
  • Communication Tools: Facilitate communication between caregivers and clients, including video chat and telehealth capabilities.
  • Reminder System: Provide caregivers with reminders for shifts, training sessions, and compliance tasks.
  • App, Push Notifications, & Alexa Verbal Reminders


Our solutions have consistently delivered tangible results, including improved compliance with regulatory mandates, enhanced caregiver satisfaction, streamlined administrative processes, and increased operational efficiency.

Challenge 1 - Mobile app with poor internet connectivity

Providing a mobile app (available on Android and iOS) that remains functional in areas with poor internet connectivity or even when offline.


Implement GPS offline functionality and incorporate an algorithm capable of detecting fraudulent activity in clock-in/clock-out reports by tracking routes.

Challenge 2 - Third party integration

Encountering integration issues with a third-party service that was still under development, a situation undisclosed during initial discussions. Despite the straightforward integration code, the third-party service proved highly unstable in real-world scenarios.


In numerous projects, addressing performance issues proved critical, particularly when stemming from the inefficient design of a specific data structure. While the initial design met basic functionality requirements, its scalability became increasingly burdensome as the project progressed. Through close collaboration with third-party stakeholders, we introduced fail-safe restart mechanisms and provided detailed feedback on our observations. Despite multiple attempts to optimize the existing structure yielding minimal improvements, conducting a proof of concept with a redesigned architecture proved transformative. The significant speed enhancements observed led to team approval of the redesign, with necessary resources allocated for implementation. Following approximately six months of concerted efforts, the third-party service achieved stability, ensuring uninterrupted functionality moving forward.

Challenge 3 - Addressing Regulatory Complexity in Healthcare Software Development

Navigating the variance in healthcare regulations across different US states, necessitating the application of distinct rules.


Develop a rule engine capable of evaluating inputs based on predefined conditions, facilitating compliance with diverse regulatory requirements across various states.


Agile Product Development

Software Design and Development

Functional Testing

Automation Testing

Technologies used

.NET Framework 4.6.2


MS SQL Server



Active MQ






Twillio IVR

Azure Datamarts

Power BI

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