CheminInformatics - Case Study



Visualized intellectual property strategy and intelligence for molecular-based industry and research Chemists / biopharma legal uses the application to conduct research, analysis over space of molecules, substructure searching, occupied or unoccupied spaces, interferences.


Our clients employees encountered challenges when working with molecular structures.
Additionally, seamlessly integrating Spotfire with Knime posed another technical hurdle.


We worked closely with a Chief Scientific Officer who explained to us the CheminInformatics workflows, and Knime RDKit library, then we updated and create workflows that generates Spotfire data based on molecular inputs.


Agile Product Development

Software Engineering Best Practices

Functional Testing


Technologies used


AWS DynamoDB

AWS Gateway API

AWS Lambda

AWS Cognito IDP

Tibco Spotfire

Knime workflow


AWS Code Commit

AWS Code Pipeline

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